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As technology evolves at unprecedented speed, it continues to demolish previous barriers, especially in the residential space. Today, there are nearly limitless ways to fully automate your home, offering safety and comfort that we could previously only imagine. Yet navigating the maze of options can be tough. At Bammel TV Technology Services, we are here to help you design the automated home of your dreams.

Safety and Security

A fully-integrated automated home security system is just what you need for ultimate peace of mind. With strategically placed motion sensors and surveillance cameras, you can check up on the babysitter, find out if your kids are bringing friends home, and even learn why your dogs are barking late at night. You can even take certain responsive actions remotely, from anywhere in the world.

You can also keep your home a little safer with a system that monitors your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as your gas and water inlets. If a problem develops, the system can shut off the related utility and send you a message immediately.

Climate Control

Do you fight with your spouse or kids over the thermostat settings? Does your family include one person who is always cold and one who is always hot? An automated climate control system with programmable zone controls can end your arguments for good. A well-designed system can program different parts of the house to different set temperatures at different times of the day while saving money. And if you need to make changes, you can remotely access your system by smartphone or tablet.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Perhaps no part of your home offers more new automation possibilities than the kitchen. With a smart refrigerator, you can download photos of its contents along with their expiration dates, and even order new grocery deliveries by touchscreen or voice. A smart frying pan can talk you through new cooking techniques, while a smart oven gives you precise control over temperatures and times. You can even get a plate that tracks your meals, sends them to your Fitbit, and lets you know if your portions are too large or small.

Custom Home Theaters

Home theaters are another area that is benefitting dramatically from the latest technologies. Not only can you achieve movie theater quality with a smart Ultra HD TV and highly realistic 3-D audio system, but you can also enjoy fully integrated automation. Want to automatically bring the lights up or down when you start a movie? Would you like to lock your home’s doors at the press of the play button? The possibilities are endless with an automated home theater.

Other Fun Stuff

From home lighting that automatically adjusts to the ambient light conditions, to gentle late-night bathroom lighting, to a slow fade up of your bedroom lights in the morning, automated lighting can truly revolutionize the ambience of your home. You can even get an integrated LED lighting system with millions of programmable colors that moves seamlessly between work, relax, sleep, and party modes. You can start music in the bathroom when you turn on the shower, remotely tell your freezer to make more ice, or even automatically shut off your kids’ TVs at a preset time (complete with a five-minute warning that blinks the room lights).

At Bammel TV Technology Services, the future is now. Whatever your lifestyle, we are ready to help you develop the automated home of your dreams.

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